Posted on: February 14, 2009 4:47 pm

Welcome To the NBA BLOG

There really is not much to talk about this week other than all-star weekend and some trades. I'll start off with Jermaine O'Neal and Jamario Moon. I think the Heat are getting the better of this trade. They are getting two elite veterens and giving up a struggling Shawn Marion, Marcus Banks, who is pretty much only a shooting threat, and cash, which is not a problem in Miami. Agree or disagree with me, post your opinion. Now, to All-stars. Fridays celebrity game SUCKED. Dominique weighed 400 pounds and couldn't make a lay-up, the globe-trotters didn't try, and the celebrities were terrible! Kara Lawson was the only one trying, right? The rookie sophmore game was pretty entertaining though. Durant and Beasley lit up the court with electrifying plays and the others stepped up and contributed like Mayo and Gordon. For the dunk contest, I am pretty sure Rudy Fernandez will come through and win, but you tell me who you think, and Bibby will win the three point shoot-out. All-star game, gotta go with the West. My man Kobe and my other favorite Chris Paul. Thats all for now. Post your thoughts on the trade and all-star weekend and I'll post next week. See you then.

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